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Hey, everyone! Do you know what happened on the 20th of July, 1969? Yes, that’s right, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Appolo Lunar Module Eagle on the moon! And now, in honour of that achievement, we’re going to create a space-themed game by putting our minds and skills together during Moonhack.

Moonhack 2019 - Let's Code

It’s a great opportunity for us to learn more about the first human moon landing and remember Margaret Hamilton, the MIT computer scientist that led the Lab that developed the Apollo program’s guidance system. She was described as a pioneer, someone who impacted greatly the development of software engineering and the modern computing era. But she didn’t do it alone, as she frequently mentioned, the success of the Apollo 11 software system was a result of teamwork and people sharing the same mission: helping mankind reach the moon!

Computer scientist Margaret Hamilton poses with the Apollo guidance software she and her team developed at MIT. Photos: MIT Museum

And now, 50 years later, we’re inviting you to take part in Moonhack: a one-day event held in Cluj Napoca, at the Let’s Code club on the 20th July 2019.

Young learners of all ages are encouraged to participate and give coding a try to see if they’d like to start their own programming journey!